Regenerative Medicine: 21st Century Orthopedics

Adult Stem Cell Therapy Adult stem cells and their application for the treatment of orthopedic conditions has been gaining speed and growing evidence in recent years. Patients seeking a new alternative to traditional medicine have found lasting results with the...

What is Regenerative Medicine, and how can it help me?

As new technology and research becomes available, the field of medicine, like any field, is continuously evolving.  One area realizing great advancements and changes is the field of Regenerative Medicine. Performance Rehabilitation & Regenerative Medicine has been...

Have you ever-felt pain at or near the heel of your ankle?

Achilles Tendonitis Causes and Treatment Options in NJ You may have also felt a pop or sudden snapping sensation at the ankle. You could be suffering from something known as Achilles tendonitis. This injury can be very challenging to treat as a physician and very...

Prolotherapy: A promising alternative to traditional orthopedic treatments

Prolotherapy: A promising alternative to traditional orthopedic treatments Prolotherapy is a procedure useful for musculoskeletal conditions of a chronic nature, which utilizes injection-based medicine. The procedure involves injecting a small amount of an irritant...

21st Century Orthopedics: Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy One of the fastest growing sectors of non-surgical orthopedic treatment is the exciting new subspecialty of Regenerative Medicine, which is more descriptively referred to as “ortho-biologics.” The deconstructed term relates to, “ortho” referring to...


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