What is a Patellofemoral Pain (Runners Knee)?

Runner’s knee (patellofemoral pain syndrome) is pain at the front of knee and around the patellar (kneecap). Patellar pain presents with symptoms in the front or anterior aspect of the knee. There are several disorders that can account for this pain:
1) Quadriceps tendonitis: an inflammation of the quadriceps (thigh muscle) tendon that attaches to the patella. Often this is the result of overuse and poor biomechanics.
2) Patellar femoral tracking syndrome: when the kneecap does not move correctly due to musculature imbalance, excessive stress is placed on the patella which will result in pain and swelling. This is often associated with chondramalacia patella.
3) Chondramalacia patella: is a softening of the cartilage underneath the patella that causes knee pain with standing, running and transitioning from sitting to standing.

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Symptoms of Runners Knee

  • Deep or superficial pain in or around the knee or knee cap
  • Stiffness/pain in the knee with standing or walking
  • Swelling in the knee or lower leg
  • Grinding and cracking sounds with movement
  • Popping or grinding sounds in the knee joint

Causes of a Runners Knee

  • Overuse 
  • Trauma to the kneecap 
  • Misalignment of the kneecap due to muscle weakness 

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