Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) Therapy

Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is an effective treatment option for individuals suffering from chronic musculoskeletal injuries when other conservative treatment options have failed, and for those individuals looking to avoid surgery.  PRP is a cutting-edge procedure in Regenerative Medicine that utilizes the body’s own natural molecular biology to heal injured soft tissue.  Research shows PRP therapy is 500x more effective than other injection-based options when it comes to healing and repairing damaged tissue.

How does Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy work?

The process is surprisingly simple. Blood is drawn from the patient and processed in our facility, to separate the healing power of platelets from blood plasma. The doctor then takes the concentrated healing components of the patient’s own blood and reintroduces it or “grafts” it onto a specific injured site to regenerate tissue and speed the healing process. The grafting is done with precise accuracy under ultrasound-guided imaging and the entire process takes under one hour.

The research shows we can deliver 500% more growth factor and bioactive proteins to the injured area with a PRP application than would occur naturally, thus reducing healing time and returning patients back to their active lifestyles much faster than traditional non-surgical orthopedic treatments.

To ensure the accuracy of the procedure, the doctor will use ultrasound-guided imaging in order to  “Hit the bulls-eye” each time. Most Stem cell and PRP treatments consist of 1-3 treatments over the course of 4-6 weeks as well as physical therapy. At Performance Rehabilitation & Regenerative Medicine, our team uses an interdisciplinary approach to get you back to living an active lifestyle.


Conditions treated with Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy?

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