Treat Carpal Tunnel with Nerve Hydrodissection

A new and exciting non-surgical orthopedic treatment currently available at Performance Rehabilitation & Regenerative Medicine is nerve hydrodissection. This treatment uses compressed fluids, gently placed under computer-guided imaging to the entrapped/pinched nerve and surrounding muscle and fascia tissue.  The procedure will free up the involved nerve from the dysfunctional adhesions and/or scar tissue. Hydrodissection has been proven to substantially reduce pain and return patients back to their active lifestyles just like other offered pain management treatments in NJ.

What conditions do we treat with Hydrodissection?

The most common condition we treat with hydrodissection is Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS), which is an entrapment of the median nerve at the wrist.  CTS can be a painful and debilitating condition that results in pain, numbness, tingling, and weakness in the hand.  Nerve entrapments can occur in other regions of the body, most commonly in the upper/lower extremities, and will present with symptoms similar to CTS.  Increased risk factors for nerve entrapment syndromes include a job or recreational activities that require repetitive motions in unnatural positions.

Ask About Non-Surgical Treatments

Am I a candidate for Hydrodissection?

The first step is getting an accurate, timely diagnosis.  The physicians at Performance Rehabilitation & Regenerative Medicine will perform a complete history and physical examination, which may include a diagnostic ultrasound examination, MRI and neurodiagnostic testing.  Once we have obtained a diagnosis, the doctor will discuss your treatment options in a shared decision- making model of healthcare.  Our philosophy is to move from conservative to more aggressive treatment recommendations as appropriate. Typically hydrodissection is a treatment option utilized if other interventions have failed including: physical therapy, cortisone injections, surgery etc.


Your Next Step for Carpal Tunnel Treatment

If you are suffering from pain and dysfunction from a nerve entrapment condition and have experienced minimal relief from previous surgeries or interventions, hydrodissection may be the non-surgical orthopedic solution you are looking for.  Please feel free to contact one of our Patient Care Coordinators today at 908-754-1960 to make an appointment or you may book an appointment online.


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