What is a Sprained Ankle?

One of the most common injuries to the ankle is a sprain of the supporting ligaments of the ankle. This typically occurs following a quick turn or roll of the ankle inward or outward. Sprained ankles may result from stepping on an uneven surface or landing improperly on the foot. This injury is often associated with athletic activities such as basketball or soccer. As the ankle twists, ligaments that are designed to stabilize the ankle are stretched beyond their normal limits. Depending on the severity of the injury, the ligament may be simply stretched, partially torn, or fully ruptured. The vast majority of ankle injuries involve either stretching or partially tearing one of these ligaments. The most common ligament affected in an ankle sprain is the anterior talofibular ligament. This ligament is injured when the foot turns inward causing the bottom of the foot to face the inside and placing stress on the outside portion of the ankle. Symptoms include pain and swelling around the affected ligament. Swelling may be severe and could be associated with localized bruising. Running, walking, standing and any weight bearing activity tends to be very painful following an ankle sprain.

Symptoms of an Ankle Injury?

  • Pain and swelling around any portion of the ankle
  • Pain with standing, walking, or running
  • Limited movement of the ankle
  • Pain on the bottom of the foot or into the shin
  • Loss of balance and stability while upright
  • Localized bruising

Causes of a Sprained Ankle

  • Twisting or rotating ankle from a fall or misstep.
  • Landing awkwardly after jumping.
  • Walking or jogging on an uneven surface.
  • Getting stepped on during an athletic activity.

Sprained Ankle Solutions in NJ

Here at Performance Rehabilitation, we have many options to treat your sprained ankle, including non-surgical and surgical.

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