What’s all the hype about Achilles tendonitis?

Individuals suffering from pain at or near the heel of the foot often times are suffering from a condition known as Achilles Tendonitis. This injury is often accompanied by a sudden pop or snap at the heel which is the traumatic precursor to this chronic frustrating...

Heel Pain and Plantar Fasciitis

10% of the US population has heel pain, are you one of them? The foot is a complex and dynamic structure that is prone to certain injuries. If you are experiencing heel pain, pain in the base of your foot, while walking you may be suffering from a condition known as...

Sports Injuries and How To Treat Them Conservatively

Sports Injuries and How To Treat Them Conservatively Athletes of all ages are constantly pushing the limits of their bodies to achieve physical and institutional success. Due to the high stresses on the body during athletic activities, injuries often occur. Some...

Patients looking for non surgical sports injury solutions are finding relief in Watchung, Branchburg and Somerset, New Jersey!

Non-Surgical Sports Injury Solutions in New Jersey Sports and exercise medicine is a discipline that deals with many different sports related injuries from the weekend warrior to the avid athlete. Clinicians who specialize in this category apply their expertise in...

Athletes are finding non-surgical pain solutions for chronic pain with Tenex Health TX™ procedures

Tenex Health TX™ One of the most common injuries seen in runners and basketball players that we treat at Performance Rehabilitation & Regenerative Medicine is Patellar Tendinitis. This condition often presents challenges for the treating physician and has...


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