Innovation and Excellence in Spinal Care

Performance Rehabilitation & Regenerative Medicine of Somerset County, NJ has been serving patients with non-surgical orthopedic solutions since 1999. Known for innovative and collaborative care, PRRM pioneered Regenerative Medicine in New Jersey back in 2011, successfully treating thousands of patients suffering from knee, shoulder, and hip pain. As of December 2018, PRRM proudly announced the addition of credentialed spine specialists to the Performance team and the expansion of its Regenerative Medicine practice to include Adult Stem Cell Therapy for the spine.

What type of doctor should I see for my back pain?

At Performance, Dr. Anthony Piccillo, is a leading Primary Spine Physician recognized as the only doctor in his cohort to pass all 4 parts of the board exams with perfect scores. Primary Spine Physicians are focused practitioners specifically trained to diagnose, treat, and manage patients with spine-related disorders (SRDs) using the most evidence-based methods. Thus, for patients with SRDs, including back pain, neck pain, headaches, radiculopathy, and other related conditions, the first practitioner that a patient should consult is the Primary Spine Physician.

PSPs are skilled at:

  • Differential testing, diagnosis, and treatment for spinal conditions
  • Pain management for spine related conditions
  • Appreciation of minimalism in spine care
  • Methods, techniques, and indications for intensive rehabilitation, interventional treatments and surgical procedures
  • Understanding unique features of work and motor vehicle related SRDs
  • Coordinating efforts of various practitioners to ensure ideal collaborative patient care where referrals and other specialists are needed

Research indicates that patients who see a Primary Spine Physician first, in lieu of a general primary care practitioner, experience significant benefits including: faster recovery and increased productivity, higher patient satisfaction with shared decision making and reduced medical costs, avoidance of iatrogenic disability, as well as, decreased likelihood of becoming a “chronic pain sufferer.”

We, at Performance Rehabilitation & Regenerative Medicine, are thrilled to announce these pivotal innovations in patient care and we remain committed to getting patients better, faster.

What is stem cell therapy?

One innovative regenerative medicine treatment option offered at Performance is adult stem cell therapy for spinal pain, as well as, extremities such as the knee, shoulder and hip.  Stem cell therapy can even be utilized for advanced conditions like degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, arthritis, spinal stenosis and spinal stress fractures.  Stems cells are “undifferentiated” cells, which allow them to develop into another type of cell that is required to repair or replace damaged tissue.

How does stem cell therapy work?

Stem cell therapy can repair tissues that are too damaged to heal on their own. Stem cells can stimulate the formation of cartilage, tendon, ligaments, bone and fibrous connective tissues. Stem cells are obtained from the patient’s own tissue. These concentrated stem cells are then injected into the patient’s damaged tendon or joint.  These outpatient procedures are done in our office and do not take long at all.  However, to maximize the benefit of stem cell therapy, our treatment plans typically involve aggressive physical therapy and possibly chiropractic or acupuncture treatments, all administered under one roof in our multi-disciplinary office.  The collaboration among our doctors is the biggest differentiator, ensuring that the stem cell therapy produces maximum results.

How much does stem cell therapy cost?

This is a difficult question to answer, however, let’s provide some context.  Other doctors who simply provide regenerative medicine injections charge anywhere from $2000 to as much as $20,000.  Unfortunately, their results are rarely maximized simply utilizing the injection with no aftercare provided to stimulate the cells once injected and facilitate further healing.

Our model of care and our treatment plans are much more comprehensive and include treatments that are covered by insurance.  As a result, we choose to charge a small fraction of the typical costs, keeping the out of pocket burden low and manageable for our patients. We are also committed to full disclosure right up front as part of our initial consultation so that our patients are fully informed and able to make educated decisions about their treatment options.

If you’re interested in multi-disciplinary care or treatment from a primary spine practitioner, give us a call at 908-754-1960 or book your appointment online today!


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