Our Orthopedic Non-Surgical Solutions & Services

At Performance Rehabilitation & Regenerative Medicine, we have multiple disciplines under one roof, which eliminates the hassle of having to travel to multiple locations for multiple treatments. Plus, since all of your non-surgical orthopedic specialists are under one roof, they communicate regularly about your care regimen and progress, providing you with a better quality of comprehensive care. Our staff consists of interventional pain specialists, physical therapists, massage therapists and if needed chiropractic physicians or acupuncture specialists, all working together to help you achieve lasting relief.

We offer non-surgical, comprehensive treatments for most orthopedic conditions. Our modern treatment for pain utilizes safe and effective therapies, cutting-edge technologies, and state-of-the-art medical equipment to target the source of your pain and return you to a normal pain free lifestyle. We offer the following painless treatments.

Cutting Edge Technologies:

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For more information about any of the services Performance Rehabilitation & Regenerative Medicine provides or conditions we treat, please feel free to contact one of our Patient Care Coordinators today at 908-754-1960 to make an appointment or you may contact us online.