Office Syndrome, Causing Back & Neck Pain 

Yeah, it’s a thing.. 

Do you get headaches often at work? Do you have shoulder and chronic low back pain or numbness in your hands and feet? That’s because in today’s work environment we are normally sitting in front of a small screen all day and our bodies rarely see physical activity. This may cause areas of our body that once were strong (like our core) to become weak. To help you combat these symptoms, we’ve put together these helpful tips on how you can protect your body. 

At your job, it’s important to take care of your low back and neck. You can do this by: 

1) Lifting heavy boxes correctly. When picking things off the floor, bend at the hips and knees only and maintain correct posture throughout the movement.  Make sure to keep your core tight to ensure spinal stability. 

2) Creating an ergonomically correct work environment. Things like the height of the table or the position of the computer and keyboard, can lead to an unnatural sitting position and can cause muscle contraction and pain. It’s important to set yourself up for success by making sure your back is straight and you aren’t straining to reach the keyboard. 

3) No hunching. When reading emails on your phone, don’t let your head droop down. This causes strain on your neck and if done repeatedly can impact your posture and alignment. Instead roll back your shoulders and maintain a straight back.  

4) Maintaining posture. If you’re working from home, the same rules apply. Even though it’s nice to cozy up in a comfy chair, if you’re working on a laptop you should still make sure you can easily read and reach the keyboard. Get a lap desk, pull up a piece of furniture to use, or sit at the kitchen table. All these things can help take the strain off your neck and low back.  

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Neck & Back Pain Stretches

Get Help from a Back Pain Specialist

If you are looking for ways to relieve tension during the day, try these three stretches, the side stretch, head twist, and arm circles. These will improve circulation and flexibility in your wrists, neck, and low back, all the pressure points from your work life. Chiropractic care is best to help you relieve pain!

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