Dealing with Osteoarthritis

If you were a high school athlete or had multiple knee injuries, chances are you have knee issues now.

A common difficulty for those with previous knee injuries or a history of athletics is Osteoarthritis (OA). Many with severe OA have “bone on bone” knees, meaning that their knees lack the synovial fluid needed to allow the joints to glide smoothly over each other.

Hyaluronic acid (HA) injections can provide your knees with the fluid they need. HA can alleviate pressure, increase range of motion, and decrease pain.

HA injections are becoming increasingly popular and are now even used as an alternative to cortisone in armature and professional sports. Major league and college pitchers have turned to HA and received longer lasting relief than treatments with cortisone. Sprinters, volleyball, basketball, and soccer players have also shown relief with HA.

At Performance, HA is wisely accompanied with physical therapy and chiropractic treatment. While the joints can glide again, stretching and stability can provide the joint with sustainable relief.

In our office, HA injections are conducted by a Physiatrist under diagnostic imaging for accurate injections. The HA treatments are typically conducted three to five times, with a week in between each. This outpatient procedure only takes up to 45 minutes to perform.

If this sounds like a solution for you, give our office a call today at (908)-752-9564 or book now!



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