The elbow pain specialists at Performance Rehabilitation & Regenerative Medicine are recognized leaders in the diagnosis and non-surgical treatment of elbow injuries and conditions.

The vast majority of elbow injuries we see at Performance Rehabilitation & Regenerative Medicine are overuse conditions. These injuries are commonly seen in sports or recreational activities, gardening and home projects, and/or repetitive movements performed at work. In many cases the exact cause is not always identifiable. Overuse conditions are referred to as tendinitis. This inflammatory condition can be extremely painful and often affect the quality of life.

Symptoms of elbow injury include:

  • Pain in or around the elbow joint
  • Stiffness/pain with movement
  • Weakness in hand or wrist
  • Tingling or numbness in forearm and/or fingers
  • Limited movement of the elbow



Also know as medial epicondylitis. This condition does not just affect golfers.  Any activity that requires repetitive movements of the wrist will place excessive stress on the muscle and tendon resulting in tendonitis and possible scar tissue formation. The pain usually begins on the inside of the elbow (at the bump called the medial epicondyle), and may spread down the forearm, resulting in weakness into the hand.



A very common term for pain that affects the outside of the elbow medically known as lateral epicondylitis.  You don’t have to be a tennis player to suffer from this condition, but the condition is very common in racquet sports, where the participants engage in repetitive grasping movements.



The bicep muscle is a long muscle that extends from the shoulder to the elbow and can be responsible for anterior elbow/forearm pain.  The bicep is primarily responsible for bending the elbow and turning the forearm.  The tendon can become inflamed with repetitive movements that occur in weight training, throwing sports, rock climbing or gardening.



The elbow consists of three bones and 2 joints. The cartilage covering the joint is susceptible to the “wear and tear” of activity and trauma. The resultant breakdown of the cartilage surrounding the joint is termed arthritis, which is also commonly associated with bone spurs. This condition typically affects middle-aged patients that engage in strenuous manual activities or sports, such as weight training, boxing, and rock climbing.


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