Our Neck and Back Herniated Disc Solutions

If you have a herniated disk in your neck or back, we offer treatment and services to get rid of the pain

Injection Based Pain Management: Procedures include an epidural steroid injection, facet injection, radiofrequency ablation and medial branch block, all performed in an effort to decrease inflammation, reduce pain and accelerate the rehabilitation process.

Chiropractic Medicine: Chiropractic management utilizes manual therapy, joint mobilizations and therapeutic exercise in an effort to diminish pain and inflammation, promote healing, improve strength, enhance flexibility and control functional stresses.

Physical TherapyPhysical Therapy range of motion exercises, regional core strengthening, flexibility and stretching exercises, joint and soft tissue mobilization, modalities. When it comes to herniated disc treatments, a series of directionally based exercises are often implemented to try to “move the disc” to reduce pain and spasm.

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