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In line with our priority to provide an extraordinary patient experience, Performance has expanded to include our own state-of-the-art surgery center. This sterile environment provides the highest possible standard of patient care for those patients receiving injection-based procedures and surgeries.

What is Minimally Invasive Orthopedic Surgery?

Dr. Bellapianta  treats a wide range of orthopedic conditions using conservative, alternative and surgical means depending on each patient’s individual needs. In arthroscopic surgery, an orthopedic surgeon makes a small incision in the patient’s skin, then inserts pencil-sized instruments that contain a small lens and lighting system to magnify and illuminate the structures inside the joint.

Who performs minimally invasive orthopedic surgery?

Dr. Bellapianta, MD

Dr. Bellapianta’s area of expertise lies in orthopedic surgery. Dr. Bellapianta completed his fellowship at The Andrews Institute in Gulf Breeze, Florida. As a fellow, he worked side-by-side with world-renowned orthopedic surgeon, Dr. James Andrews. This provided him with intensive exposure to all aspects of non-operative and operative musculoskeletal patient care. He is board certified by the American Board of Orthopedic Surgery, licensed in NY, FL and NJ. Schedule your orthopedic appointment at any one of our orthopedic clinics in Somerset County NJ. We have locations in Branchburg NJ, Somerset NJ, and Watchung NJ. 

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Advantages of Minimally Invasive Orthopedic Surgery

Faster recovery

Less post-operative pain

Shorter hospitalizations

Minimizes blood loss, muscle strain, and soft tissue trauma

Less scarring

Fewer complications

Earlier return to activity

Conditions Most Appropriate for Minimally Invasive Orthopedic Surgery

Fracture Care

Arthroscopic & Open Treatment Of:



Joint Replacement Surgery




Birth Defects


Degenerative Diseases


Sports Injuries


. Types of Minimally Invasive Orthopedic Surgery offered at our clinics in Branchburg NJ, Somerset, NJ, and Watchung NJ 

Sports Medicine

ACL Tears


Stress Fractures

Rotator Cuff Injuries 

Upper Extremity







Lower Extremity





MAKO Robotic Surgery

Arthroscopic Surgery

What patients have to say…

The staff are patient, friendly, courteous and efficient in their duties and interaction with patients. The office is very clean and has a refreshing light filled ambiance. I was very pleased especially when you are in pain and discomfort. I was reassured every step of the way towards recovery that things would get better. They helped me to manage my expectations by being honest, forthcoming and explaining procedures and things that were happening with me in simple details that I could comprehend. I appreciate and am grateful for all their interventions, support and encouragement.”


Send us a text today at 908-308-4070 or give us a call at 908-756-2424.

Schedule your orthopedic appointment at any one of our orthopedic clinics in Somerset County NJ. 

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