What Are The Most Common Types Of Orthopedic Surgery?

Dealing with medical issues can be very difficult. The discomfort can prevent you from doing your usual activities. The uncertainty of not knowing whether you have a chronic issue or not should be avoided. If a loved one suffers from an illness, it can take a toll on you. Things can get even more challenging when surgery is involved. However, knowing the most common types of orthopedic surgeries can provide some relief. Here are some of the orthopedic surgeries that we provide at Performance Rehabilitation.

ACL Reconstruction Surgery

Anterior Cruciate Ligament “aka” ACL surgery is quite common. It involves a major ligament in your knee and is located in front of the knees. As the ACL is responsible for providing stability when rotating the legs, you must get the surgery done early on. The surgeon would use a portion of a tendon from a different part of the body as a graft. Fortunately, you should be able to go back once the surgery is home.

Knee Replacement Surgery

A partial or complete knee replacement surgery might be required based on the severity of your knee injury. This surgery is recommended when the cartilage in your knee joints has been damaged. It would restrict movement and cause a great deal of pain. Hence, you must seek immediate treatment.

Shoulder Replacement Surgery

A shoulder replacement surgery involves the replacement of the top portion of your upper arm bone with a metal ball. A plastic prosthesis would work in place of the damaged part of the socket. The rotator cuff would help provide balance for related shoulder injuries.

Hip Replacement Surgery

Hip injuries involve the hip bones (Pelvis), and the thigh bone (Femur) which are connected by a socket joint. Everything fits together perfectly if you have healthy hips. However, in case of damage, you would require hip replacement surgery. A plastic or metal prosthesis would replace the entire ball and socket joint. The procedure tends to be less invasive and does not require as much recovery time.

Knee Arthroscopy

Small incisions are needed in knee arthroscopic surgery. It is minimally invasive and relies on a tiny camera to see what is happening inside the knee joint. The pictures allow the doctor to correct the problem for good and ensure that you are able to move (see graphic below).

Shoulder Arthroscopy

Shoulder arthroscopy is quite similar to knee arthroscopy. Additional small incisions are required for repairing the damaged joints that make up the shoulder.

Ankle Repair

Ankle repair surgery is mostly intended for severe foot & ankle injuries.  Ankle repair surgery is necessary for conditions such as unstable joints or fractures. It would ensure that the bones are properly aligned. The surgery would reposition them to ensure that it is possible for the bones to hold the implants.

Spinal Surgeries

spinal surgery

At Performance Rehabilitation, we perform a wide range of back surgeries such as laminectomy, kyphoplasty, discectomy, and spinal fusion. Since the spine provides support to your skeletal system, these surgeries are of critical importance.

Joint Fusion

Arthritis patients might require joint fusion. It involves the removal of the damaged cartilage and the use of graft as a replacement. The bones are then welded together for providing stability.

Trigger Finger Release

If the protective sheath of your tendons becomes injured, they would prevent you from extending your fingers. Hence, you would require surgery for correcting your trigger finger.

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