Are you suffering from knee pain?

Knees… we use them for just about everything – bending, kneeling, standing, sitting, walking and running. They must be able to bend, twist, rotate and straighten, as well as bear the entire weight of the body, inducing knee pain.  Is it any wonder that it’s the most easily injured part of the body?

Treating Knee Pain with Physical Therapy

One day, a sudden jerk to the knee and… PAIN! You may start to walk with a limp, notice swelling and tenderness around the knee area, the knee joint may lock (inability to bend), or it might even give out. You may even experience a grinding or popping sound while moving. Now what?

Getting professional treatment is essential in overcoming a knee injury or eliminating persistent knee pain. At Performance Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine, our Central Jersey patients have access to our unique team of highly qualified Board Certified Medical Specialists and Therapists to help in the healing process.

Central Jersey Rehab Facility Explains Causes Of Knee Pain

Knee pain is an extremely common complaint, with a multitude of causes. Many people suffering with knee pain come to Performance Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine in Somerset County, NJ to find knee pain relief after sustaining an automobile or sports related injury. We find that knee ligament injuries often result from a quick twist or blow to the knee joint.

Other causes of knee pain include arthritis, bursitis, vigorous exercises, dislocated kneecap, patellar tendonitis, cartilage injuries, a meniscal tear, or Osgood-Schlatter Disease (a condition seen in adolescents, due to irritation of the growth plate just at the front of the joint).

If you are experiencing severe knee pain, treatment options are available. We can help; consult with a member of our highly trained medical staff for a diagnosis of the cause of your knee pain.

Once the cause has been identified, a systematic knee pain treatment plan can be created specifically to meet the needs of your body and provide you with knee pain relief. In addition, a course of treatment can correct any underlying problems that may have caused your pain in the first place. Additional treatment options available at Performance Rehab include Acupuncture, Pain Management and Chiropractic.

Find Knee Pain Relief In New Jersey

First and foremost, successful treatment of knee pain depends completely on finding the cause. Our Board Certified Medical Doctors, Chiropractors and Physical Therapists utilize specific diagnostic tests and evaluations to determine the cause of knee pain. The analysis is based upon the patient’s health history, x-rays and/or MRI findings and a physical therapy examination. It is important to keep in mind that pain may appear to be coming from the knee, but other anatomical components are usually involved, necessitating rehabilitation. These areas may include the low back, hip, pelvis, leg, quadriceps and hamstring muscles, foot and ankle. Once again, locating the true cause of pain is the only way to successfully eliminate knee pain and prevent it from returning!

Second, physical therapy is an important aspect in treating almost all orthopedic conditions, especially knee pain. Our highly trained team of physical therapists utilizes various techniques and exercises (quadriceps, hamstring and calf strengthening exercises; low-impact cardiovascular exercises) to increase strength and muscle endurance, regain mobility and help return patients to their pre-injury level of activity.

Lastly, if weak muscles surround the hip – a factor of knee pain, strengthening the hip stabilizing muscles are essential and part of the knee pain treatment program. Therapists may utilize heat and/or ice (to reduce inflammation and muscle spasm) and stretch the muscles surrounding the joint to help reduce knee pain. Our focus is also on balance – helping to prevent a new injury.

At Performance Rehabilitation and Regenerative Medicine, we specialize in finding the cause of knee pain and work with our patients to eliminate it! If you suffer from knee pain please give us a call at 908-756-2424 or you may contact us online to set up a consultation visit.


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