Son, Brother, Friend, Chiropractor


Dr. Diana was born and raised in rural PA, the 3rd of 4 boys. Although they live in different parts of the country – they are just as close today as they were as kids. Growing up with 3 brothers instilled in him a true team spirit which he continues to live by today.

Dr. Diana played high school and college sports and never missed a game due to injury. He credits his father with his ability to stay healthy and avoid missing time on the field and credits his mother with the fact that although she may not have understood the game, she always made sure he had the cleanest uniform in the stadium. His father is a chiropractor and treated him proactively to avoid injury. Watching his father help people profoundly affected him and instilled in him a desire to help other people. Interestingly enough, there are now 3 chiropractors in the Diana family.

In his free time you are likely to find Dr. Diana “playing” outside. He enjoys hunting and fishing (he is a PA boy), attempts to play golf and likes to work out. He believes it is important to keep his body as sharp as he keeps his mind.

When asked what prompted him to come to work at Performance Rehabilitation & Regenerative Medicine, his answer was quick. “Growing up and throughout college I was always a part of a team, on my first visit to Performance Rehabilitation & Regenerative Medicine I knew I had found my “team”.”

Performance Rehabilitation & Regenerative Medicine is honored to have Vincent Diana, DC as an integral part of our team.