Personal Injury Protection (PIP) or also referred to as “No Fault Insurance,” covers medical expenses and lost wages of passengers if they are injured in an accident. PIP cases pay allowable expenses (non-taxable business costs) for care, recovery, rehabilitation, wage loss, and replacement services. Depending on which state a patient lives in they may be covered for:

● Medical bills for you and those covered on your policy (also covers you if you’re hit by a car while walking or riding a bike)

● Household services such as childcare, house cleaning, or yard work

● Disability and rehab costs

● Death/survivor benefits and funeral costs (paid to your family if you’re in a fatal car accident)

If you or someone you know is injured in a car accident, PIP doctors can help and increase your recovery. Some doctors are trained to deal with only personal injury cases with significant knowledge about how insurance companies operate. Different types of personal injury doctors specializing in auto vehicle accidents such as chiropractors, pain management, and Physical Therapists. PIP case injuries can range from broken bones to soft tissue damage. Unless a patient requires surgery, a PIP doctor should be able to treat all things associated with a patient’s vehicular accident. These injuries include:

● Broken bones (may require surgery or orthopedic care)

● Whiplash

● Neck and back pain

● Headaches

● Tingling sensations

PIP insurance will not pay for any expenses unrelated to a patient’s case. Unrelated expenses can include: damage to your vehicle, theft of your vehicle, or damage to someone else’s property. Do not wait to see a personal injury doctor, go as soon as possible. If not, there will be what is called a “gap in treatment.” A gap in treatment can cause many problems with a patient’s case in the future. Waiting to see a PIP doctor can cause major issues for medical claims. Insurance companies take a look at the records and see when a patient received treatment, if a patient waits too long it is hard for them or a lawyer to believe that a patient was injured. Patients are advised to see a medical professional within 72 hours of having an accident. Schedule your appointment at any one of our clinics in Somerset County, NJ.


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