Herniated Disc Solutions in NJ

You’re experiencing intense pain, numbness, and even weakness in your back or legs. You go to your doctor. He gives you a physical exam and asks about your medical history. Following the exam, he suspects you have a herniated disc. An imaging test is performed and it’s confirmed — you have this unwanted pest of a condition.

Herniated discs are like cockroaches in your house … you just never want them, and once (and if) you get them, they are such a nuisance, you wish they would go away and never come back. We get it, and there’s good news — just as with a case of bug infestation, treatment for herniated discs is available.

“But Doc.” you ask “what caused this?” “It could be one of several things,” he replies. Herniated discs are commonly caused by injury of the spine and wear and tear of a disc. Injury can occur from lifting something that is just too heavy, being in an auto accident, exercising, or even doing something as simple as picking up a pen that fell on the floor.

Goodbye Herniated Disc Treatment Saves the Day

Herniated discs can usually be treated with physical therapy, chiropractic treatment, pain management procedures, or a combination of all three.

Physical therapists get patients on an exercise program designed to keep their spine in neutral positions throughout the day. They also work with patients to maximize their health and prevent future injuries. In some cases, a physical therapist may recommend a temporary brace or electrical stimulation.

Chiropractors work with patients to locate their particular dislocation (also known as a subluxation). After locating it, through a series of adjustments, they can reduce or correct it, thus helping relieve pain caused by a herniated disc. We specialize in Chiropractic Manipulation Therapy where we use our hands to apply gentle, controlled, and directed pressure. These manipulations can help to restore a more normal position or motion, and relieve pain.

Pain Management for Herniated Discs in NJ

Pain management procedures may range from simple cortisone injections to trigger point injections to Prolotherapy to Radiofrequency Ablation.


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