Help Feed the Need is a volunteer organization dedicated to promoting education and awareness of local hunger issues by sponsoring physical activities and events. Our own, Dr. Ron Spiaggia loves participating in Help Feed the Need. When asked why, he stated, “It’s something I believe in, helping other people. I like that 100 percent of what they do goes straight to the organization.”

The doctors here at Performance Rehab and Integrated Medicine have participated now for a number of years but this will be the second year as a corporate sponsor. Our office manager Teri said, “We really love the whole atmosphere. Help Feed the Need is like nothing we’ve ever done before. Working together with hundreds of other people, all for the same cause is quite amazing. It allows us to give back to the community and help those who cant necessarily help themselves. Last year was the first year I participated. It’s only a two-hour commitment. It was so cool to see both young people and older people helping.”

feed-the-needThe participating staff volunteered by helping pack food that is later sent overseas. Each staff member is set up in a different station packing different foods from grains of rice to other highly nutritious food items to be used in a meal. Some of the food is cooked up so volunteers can actually taste what they are preparing to send.

Paula from billing said, “My first year volunteering I brought my 5 year old daughter. All of the teams got together and were able to see a video of the country they chose to help. It was eye opening to see how the people live and where the food is going. It’s neat to see that you are feeding some of the people in the video and seeing who you were helping. It’s nice to take time out to give back to a country and to people who don’t have anything. As a mom, I wanted to hold the babies and feed them all. Just knowing I was helping was mind blowing. It was very emotional, I actually cried.”

Overall, the experience of working with Feed the Need has been amazing for everyone who participated from Performance Rehab. Our staff enjoyed meeting other people who have all come together for the same cause. It was a great team building experience and a great way to see how many boxes of food we could send out. We exceeded our goal of food sent out and look forward to participating again.