Fueling Your Body Before and After Your Workout

Why fueling before and after your workouts are equally important


Most people are aware of the importance of post-workout nutrition. It’s less understood that fueling your body properly before a workout is important, in fact, just as important.

Carbohydrates, as we all know, have received an increased amount of scrutiny the past several years, especially for weight loss. However, the body’s main source of energy is glucose, which comes from carbohydrates. High quality carbohydrates and proteins an hour before your workout are important for success.

Carbohydrates provide the body with the energy needed for an intense workout while a fast absorbing protein helps prevent the breakdown of muscle from the workout. Carbohydrates and protein are also effective macronutrients after a workout.

Current research suggests anywhere from 2:1, to 4:1, Carbs to Protein ratio. More carbohydrates are needed for more intense workouts. Glucose and glycogen need to be replenished after an intense workout. Research also suggests that 60-120 minutes after a workout is the ideal time to take in a recovery drink or meal.

Carbohydrates create the insulin spike in the body needed to transfer proteins into the muscle for recovery and repair. If the storages are not properly replenished, breakdown of muscle starts to occur as the next source of energy.

Just as not all proteins are created equally, not all carbs are created equal. High quality proteins and carbohydrates will better fuel your muscles and give you an overall feeling of being more energized.

Remember that exercising is only part of a healthier you. Majority of the change starts in the kitchen. It is not a diet, but a lifestyle change.


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