How is Performance Rehab treating patients during the COVID-19 crisis?

Performance remains committed to treating patients during this time, having been deemed an essential service by the state of NJ.  We have taken numerous steps very early on to protect our patients and staff, which you can read about below.

In line with our values of Patient Care and Innovation, we have gone to extreme lengths to continue to get patients better, faster without putting them at risk of illness and helping to relieve the influx of patients to area hospitals, whose primary purpose is to treat those requiring life-saving treatments.  Please consider the options below:

Performance is offering a number of specialized care plans for various populations and interest groups:

  • Are you stuck working from home?  Check out our one-on-one Work from Home Care Package covering topics like: work station ergonomics, injury/pain prevention, nutrition and immunity boost, as well as, COVID Q&A with one of our Doctors.
  • Are you an athlete with a nagging injury or you’re unable to participate in your sport/activity of choice?  Performance is offering specialized appointments with our sports medicine doctors for sports enthusiasts either in office or virtually from home.  Check out our Golf Swing Protocols, perfect for golfers who want to improve their swing while the courses are closed.
  • For those who have tested positive, are suffering from or are recovering from a respiratory illness such as COVID-19, we are now offering a home-based COVID-19 Reconditioning Care Plan.  This plan is a safe, methodical and efficacious strategy aimed to restore and recondition your body while fighting and recovering from COVID-19.

Performance currently offers multiple innovative treatment options:

  • For those in acute pain who require a medical intervention, such as an injection, or those who prefer to come to the office for rehab, we have taken additional measures to protect our staff and patients. In addition to eliminating our waiting rooms (I’ll come back to this), we have designed PTZ’s or Private Treatment Zones within each facility.  These PTZ’s are individualized, cordoned off areas for each patient with their own pre-sanitized equipment.  The result is a safe space separate from others designed just for you.  Additionally, as of March 25th, due to the elimination of our waiting rooms, upon check-in, you will be personally escorted directly to your PTZ for treatment.
  • For those who would prefer not to come to the office, we are now offering an exciting one-on-one TeleVisit option for both Medical appointments (referred to as Telemedicine) AND Physical Therapy appointments (referred to as TeleTherapy). Read more about how it works or read our TeleVisit FAQ’s.

To make an appointment, to discuss any of these options or to learn more, please contact one of our Patient Care Coordinators by calling 908-756-2424, Monday-Friday, from 8am-8pm or complete this form.

How are we operating differently for those with in-office appointments?

In an ongoing effort to further protect the staff and patients of Performance Rehab, we are continuing to monitor the situation and revise policies and procedures in accordance with the strictest standards possible.  This will likely create inconveniences for our staff and patients at times, so we apologize in advance for any inconvenience caused in an effort to prioritize the health and safety of all our stakeholders.

Effective Monday, March 16th, the following additional steps will be taken to what has already been communicated previously on March 10th:

  • Patient Engagement
    • Patients should refrain from bringing non-essential visitors with them to the clinic for their appointments as they will be asked to wait outside the clinic.
    • We are requesting that all patients practice social distancing (6 foot from other patients) and we have reduced patient volume in the clinic to allow for this.
    • All New Patients will be screened by phone prior to being scheduled and all existing patients will be screened at check-in through a series of pertinent questions.  Any patients exhibiting symptoms or who have been in contact with another person exhibiting symptoms will be asked to cancel and reschedule appointments.
  • Additional measures taken by our providers and staff to protect each patient and themselves:
    • Providers already sanitize their hands, tools and workspaces between each patient encounter.
    • Gloves and masks are used by providers, when applicable, as an added precaution.
    • We are requesting that patients also wear masks according to CDC recommended guidelines.
    • In addition to daily hospital-grade cleaning, the clinics will be closed every day between the hours of 1 and 3 pm for additional intra-day cleaning.
    • Pens used by patients at check-in will be sanitized with approved antiseptic agents after every use.
    • All surfaces throughout the clinic are sanitized throughout the day in 30-45 minute increments, including doorknobs, counters, waiting room chairs, surfaces, etc.
    • Our waiting rooms have been eliminated.  Patients will be escorted directly to their appointment area or asked to wait in their car until their provider is ready for them.
    • Most doors will remain propped open and lights on to minimize contact with knobs and switches.

We will continue to be vigilant in monitoring our local COVID-19 situation, and make changes to protocol and communicate as needed.